About Us

About Us

Hillcrest Centre —located near Queen Elizabeth Park — has activities and programs for all ages and abilities. We have an aquatic centre, fitness centre, ice rink, gymnasium, indoor cycling, multi-purpose rooms, a games room, dance studio, playgrounds, childcare centre, and café. Our award-winning complex is a Vancouver Green City facility and is certified as LEED Gold.

Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association

The RPHCA is a partner with the Vancouver Park Board in the delivery of community programs at the Hillcrest Centre. The RPHCA is also an important voice of the local community providing an integral piece in the overall development of programs and activities offered at the centre. In addition, as advocates within the community, the Hillcrest Centre welcomes the opportunity to connect with other local members and organizations through the RPHCA, which ensures we remain relevant to the wider community needs.


Dave Pasin | President

Prior to becoming the Chair of our RPHCA Programs Committee, Dave
chaired both the Arts Committee, and the Finance Committee at West
End Community Center. He established the Arts program and the West
End Art Show, both of which have been a big hit. It is important for Dave
to understand the needs of the community. After an assessment, Dave
expanded programs for seniors, young adults, tweens and children. As a result, he turned a large deficit into a profitable organization without cutting any programs. In his personal time, he enjoys reading, playing football, softball, hockey, baseball and exercising. He is a regular patron of Hillcrest Community Center and a long time Vancouver resident.

Ken Charko | Vice President

Ken Charko serves as the Vice-President of the Riley Park Hillcrest Community Centre Association for the past seven years; it is the largest community centre in the city and an Olympic legacy center, and is also the Director of the British Columbia Motion Picture Association and a Grassroots community leader.

Ken Charko has many achievements, just recently he received the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award and past nomination for Environmental Innovator for the City of Vancouver. In addition, The Jewish Independent had named him “Champion of the Arts”. This is among a variety of accomplishments from being a small business owner.

Ray Chung | Treasurer


Greg Hubbard | Secretary

Greg has been active in the vancouver area construction industry for his whole career. An avid endurance athlete and soccer player Greg has been involved with coaching for over a decade, and had previously been involved with the sunset board as both director and as president for a term.

Greg is pleased to bring his business and volunteer board experience to RPHCA.

Board of Directors

Annual General Meetings

Since the October 2016 AGM, the new board of directors under the direction of Dave Pasin has achieved significant progress in a short time. Some notable achievements include: holding at least 1 board meeting per month; cutting legal and other non-core expenses by ~90%, and reviewing over $50,000 in new equipment and infrastructure for the Association programs and facilities.


We hire instructors and employees on an ongoing basis, please check back soon! However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.