Last updated on September 17, 2021

Hello community, thank you for your patience as we finalize the newest and latest BC Vaccine Card updates for you.

From Ken Charko 肯·查科   (President) on behalf of RPHCA association

  • Effective September 13, people will need to show proof of vaccination to get into

certain programs, events, and services at this facility.

  • For acceptable proof of vaccination and for all other information, please go to 


 Activities and Services requiring Proof of Vaccination

  • Recreation events with 50 or more participants
  • Gathering of people indoors for adult sports
  • Gathering of people 22 years or older indoors for exercise, fitness or dance (no minimum needed)
  • Young people 12 years or older will need proof of vaccination for fitness centres and weight room facilities.

 Activities and Services exempt (excluded) from Order

  • Persons under 12 years old
  • Programs for children/youth (persons under 22 years)
  • Structured educational programs including music, art, drama, recreation, sport, exercise or social activity supervised by an adult
  • Workers at a workplace during work activities (including staff meetings)
  • Use of any place for Board of Parks and Recreation (BPR) or CCA purposes and services
  • All offices/buildings used by staff and accessible by public – except certain areas of, and activities in, community centres which is specifically dealt with all public counters and other BPR places where public can receive services
  • Community centres – general areas including washrooms, showers, libraries
  • Health or social services (including warming/cooling centres) provided to people in need
  • Community centres – certain areas or activities:
  • Swimming pools (unless it is the location of an in-person seated event)
  • Skating rinks when not used for adult sport
  • Rehab/exercise therapy programs
  • Health care related events including immunization clinics, COVID testing centres and blood donation clinics
  • Retail stores (gift shops at Bloedel Conservatory, Van Dusen, etc)
  • Unlicensed restaurants with no table service (fast food, take out – e.g. Blue Parrot at Hillcrest CC)
  • Drop-off and “flow through traffic” is exempt
  • Drug and alcohol support group meetings

This is not an exhaustive list, and the Order may change over time. For the most

comprehensive and up to date list see the PHO website.