Hillcrest runs a variety of programs for toddlers, children, adults and seniors. Facilities are open to the public and are also available to rent for parties. Download our program guide for a complete list of all our programs available this season.

(0–5 yrs) Preschool
(06–12 yrs) Children
(12–18 yrs) Youth
(19+ yrs) Adults
(65+ yrs) Seniors
Spring Break Camp

Gentle Hatha Yoga

This gentle practice will expose you to a variety of yoga poses at an easy-going pace. It emphasizes alignment as you stretch and strengthen your body. The beginner is friendly and suitable for all levels. Drop-in $9.52 + tax.


Learn the fundamentals of playing badminton with a kid-friendly instructor. Through skills and drills, children will practice serving and rallying. No program Apr 11, May 16.

Acrylic Painting

Enjoying and relaxing with acrylic painting as an expressive and vibrant medium. You will learn how to use the brushes to achieve a variety of techniques including blending, glazing, lifting, wet on wet and over dry to create different textures and brush strokes on your artwork. We will focus on beautiful landscapes, flowers, and figures. M. Reza Atashzad has over 30 years of experience in teaching drawing and painting at his own Atashzad Academy of Art. He has also been teaching different art programs at several community centers in Vancouver since 2011. He has published more than 700 watercolor paintings,...

Bricks4Kidz Mining & Crafting

Experience the world of Minecraft with LEGO® bricks! Kids will start by crafting shelter, critters, and tools among other key elements from the popular Minecraft game. All campers go home with a customized Minifigure. Children will be given a break for an optional snack from home. Drop-in $40.

Sportball Multisport Spring Break Camp

Refine, rehearse, repeat! Sportball’s action-packed camps introduce children to a variety of ball sports including soccer, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, football, tennis and t-ball. Coaches focus on the basic skills common to all sports, like balance, coordination, stamina and timing PLUS cooperative games, arts and crafts, snack time, stories and more, in a fun, supportive, non-competitive setting that emphasizes teamwork.

Fit4Two® Prenatal Barre

Designed specifically for pregnant women, Fit 4 Two® Prenatal Barre focuses on strength, posture, core and flexibility. Inspired by a blend of ballet barre work, strength training, Pilates and yoga, barre style classes use the barre and a variety of equipment. Drop-in $17.14 + tax; if space permits. No class Feb 17, Apr 13, May 18.

Pilates Fusion

This class includes the fundamentals of Pilates, promoting strength and stability while lengthening the muscles and supporting the spine, with the elements of Yoga to produce a more focused and calm mind. Students will see great results with their body alignment and muscle tone. No Pilates and Yoga experience necessary. No program Apr 13. Drop-in $15.24 + tax.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics, the technical knowledge of ballet, and the self-expression and rhythm of modern dance. Hand-held apparatus such as hoops, balls, ropes and ribbons are used, with choreographed rhythmic routines. Through careful guidance, respectful encouragement and the highest standards of expert coaching, participant can build confidence, strength, flexibility, coordination and posture. No class Feb 15, Apr 11, May 16.

Fabulous Over 50

How to look and feel fabulous, so you can feel young, sexy and alive, without surgeries, crazy diets, or tons of supplements. You have more control over your age than you thought you did.

Anime Cartoon Drawing Camp

Come explore the world of Anime with Young Rembrandts! We will spend multiple days learning about and drawing cartoons in the Anime style. We will learn to create our own original Anime characters. We will use a variety of facial expressions and action and movement to illustrate our scenes. On the final day, we will pull from what we already learned to draw a large comic book type scene in the Anime style.

Painting and Drawing

Students will engage in learning the techniques of shaping and forming images in perspective while creating compositional structures. We will explore topics including landscape, still life, flowers, figures, and more. Feel free to bring any of your coloured pencils, watercolours, pastels, acrylics, etc. to the class as supplies are not provided. I would be more than happy to help you with any of these mediums while keeping the class enjoyable for everyone.   M. Reza Atashzad has over 30 years experience in teaching drawing and painting at his own Atashzad Academy of Art. He has also been teaching different art...

Jazz Ballet Spring Break Camp

If your child loves to move, join us for an exciting dance challenge this spring break! We’ll work together as an ensemble, dig into syllabus and technique, fun routines and then design our own creative choreography together for friends and family performance on the last day. Please ensure you pack a healthy snack & water bottle, as sweat is a guarantee! Visit for more information.

Pound (TWO sets)

POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Instead of listening to music, you become the musing in this full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out – no drum kit needed. Easily modifiable, it is designed for women and men of all fitness levels. It is the perfect workout for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out!! Ripstix® are provided.

Kids Yoga

This yoga for children is based on the subtle science of body, mind, and soul. Children will learn discipline, develop increased concentration and focus, create their own formula to channelize their energy in positive thinking and right direction. They will learn meditation, breathing techniques, body posture, visualization, and mind-body coordination through varieties of authentic yoga feats. No drop-in participation and no registration after the second class. No class Feb 15, May 16.

Kids Zone One: Self-Regulation for Kids

In this unique program, kids will learn to use sensory tools and cognitive strategies for self-regulation when they are angry, upset, or frustrated. They will learn to identify their emotions, become aware of their triggers and the Zones they are in and adjust their behavior as expected. No program Feb 16

Family Movie Night

Join us at every Friday Night at 7:00 PM and enjoy FREE movie fun for the entire family!

Arts in Motion Camp

Join us for a one week, full-day program, rich with creativity and fun. Children will be exploring their musical, artistic and active sides. Through the week, participants will be engaged in singing, playing, movement, creating & self-expression via different activities: Group Ukulele, Basket Beat (Creating rhythms with balls), Art Time (hands-on activities making art through various mediums ? will be able to take home things they make) & Drum Time (a fusion of movement, singing, African drumming & Taiko drumming.) On the last day of camp, there will be a performance showcasing all the things they have learned and done...

Walking Club

Meet in the Lobby at 11:00 am and walk around the neighborhood and meet new friends. Walk routes include QE Park, Ontario Street, West 37th Avenue and many more. Please pre-register.

Junior Indoor Tennis Spring Break Camp

This Class continues to develop tennis skills for those students who already have basic knowledge. Students will participate in a variety of fun drills and games to enhance their skills, while focusing on ball control, introductory rally skills and Serve. We’ll also be introducing the GREEN COURT DESIGN to full court tennis. Students will apply their skills and know-how to real matches Play. On top of further skill development, students will learn the rules and proper court conduct and stroke development. This is a fun class with a strong one-on-one emphasis to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Students...

Meditation and Mindfulness

Explore your mind, body, and emotions through physical movement and music, experiencing relaxation and the possibility to be fully present without the normal habits of being overly reactive or overwhelmed by the external circumstances around us. Drop-in $10.48 + GST. No class Apr 10

Tai Chi Healthy Morning

 Come join us for healthy morning exercise. Tai Chi, a moving meditation, is a soft martial art enhancing balance, coordination, and concentration. The slow and graceful movements of Tai Chi promote correct posture, good alignment, deep breathing, and the flow of ‘Qi’ in the body. This class is taught in Chinese but all are welcome to participate. No class Apr 10, 13 and May 18. Drop-in $1.90

Introduction to Hip Hop

Hip to the beat and hop to the rhythm. We will introduce your child to the hip hop culture through art, music and dance with various fun activities and dance techniques!

Little Snackers

Ever wondered what the little ones are capable of making? Those creative little minds may sometimes surprise you! Join us for this program where children learn basic skills to make snacks that they can enjoy after school. No program Feb 17


All new lessons every session! Your child is sure to be giggling all season long as they explore the fun, artistic world of Young Rembrandts cartooning! Funny expressions and hilarious animals are just a few pieces students will create this session. Our lessons are sure to delight kids and parents when students complete Goofy Chefs and our hilarious Cartoon Dads. Enroll your child today for fun artistic challenges they can use to create amazing pieces of artwork. Sign up today! No class Feb 5.

Mindful Eating for Better Digestion

Develop healthy habits that enliven you and improve digestion. Digestive discomfort has become a fact of life. By paying attention and making a few simple changes you can have your system do the job it was meant to do.

Fantasy Forest Drawing Camp

Magical, mythical, marvelous art is coming your way in this new Young Rembrandts Drawing Workshop! Our workshop days will be filled with fun and creative thought as we explore deep in the Fantasy Forest. Students will tap into their imagination while learning to draw otherworldly creatures like fairies, trolls and a forest queen. Your child?s talent will truly enchant you as they create beautiful scenery and new masterpieces every day. Register now to save your child’s spot in this fanciful workshop focused on creativity and whimsy!


Explore and learn basics of Hindi Language: to speak, read, write and express ideas with effective communication techniques, basic vocabulary and small sentences. This will help the child to select Hindi as an elective subject in future studies, aid in a work place situations and business dealings when he/she grows up. This course will introduce alphabets, short poems but mainly communication. Participants should bring a binder, pencil or pen for classroom assignments. No class Feb 15, May 16.

Baking Buddies

Cookies, muffins, cupcakes and the list goes on! Learn how to bake some simple pastries and basic food skills with our friendly leader.

International Line Dancing High Improver

International line dances are choreographed to the current popular music and songs by the well-known line dance instructors worldwide, at levels from absolute beginner up to advanced level, and shared among all the line dancers globally. Easy to learn, vivid to dance, less age limit, and the uniform steps make it one of the best ways to keep human fit: both physically and mentally, as well as to make friends and to enjoy dancing internationally. Instruction in English. Drop-in $7.00. No session Apr 10 and May 15

Active Start Skills and Drills

During this 30-minute program, children will continue to develop motor skills with strong bodies and muscles in a safe and challenging environment. In this course we continue your children’s Active Start learning. Children that can already walk, run, hop, jump, stop with control and throw a great pass can now learn the basics of playing sports like soccer, basketball and ball hockey. The goal is always to have a great time, burn off some energy and learn a little something at the same time.

Minds in Motion

 Minds in Motion® is a fitness and social program for people living with any form of early-stage dementia along with a family member, friend or other care partners. The program is offered in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Gentle exercises are followed by social activities designed to be enjoyed in pairs. Coffee, tea and light refreshments are provided. Care partners must attend. Registration fees include the cost of the person living with dementia and one care partner. Start at any time and pay a pro-rated registration fee. No class Apr 13 and May 18.

Crafty Chef

You can eat your art? Yes! Have some fun with food, or shall we say, have some fun with art, then eat it! No program Nov 5.