AAA Butokukan Karate – New Member Special

AAA Butokukan Karate – New Member Special

This introductory, first-time student program includes 4 lessons and a free ($60 value) karate uniform. On completion, students may continue their training by registering (at a pro-rated fee) in the AAA Butokukan Karate Program. Butokukan means “Training Hall of the Virtues of the Martial Arts” and draws the best from traditional and modern martial arts. Enjoy the physical and mental exercise and develop your poise, balance, concentration, and confidence in a safe environment. The class structure, including warm-up and training drills, have been modified to enhance the safety of everyone involved. For any questions or concerns, please call 604-299-5061 or 604-257-8680. Soft-soled shoes (sneakers or cross trainers) required. No class Nov. 11.

Times: 7:00 PM-7:45 PM

Dates: Mondays & Wednesdays Oct 19-Oct 28

Fees: $39/4 sess

Program code: 287878