Kung Fu – Lily Lau Eagle Claw

Kung Fu – Lily Lau Eagle Claw

Learn kung fu with Sifu Tiefer and have some fun. Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu from Lau Fat Mang lineage is renowned worldwide and is currently being taught internationally in 18 different countries. This quick and effective self-defense style kung fu will develop strength, flexibility, mental focus, discipline, self-confidence and positive social skills. Student will progress through kung fu traditional forms and applications, kung fu weaponry, self-defence and much more. For more information,
visit www.laufatmangeagleclaw.com


Tu  4:30 PM-5:30 PM   Apr 06-Jun 15  $110/11 sess 317020

Sa   11:30 AM-12:30 PM   Apr 10-Jun 19  $110/11 sess  317025

Tu Sa  4:30 PM-12:30 PM   Apr 06-Jun 19  $176/22 sess 317027


Tu  5:45 PM-6:45 PM  Apr 06-Jun 15  $110/11 sess 317021

Sa  12:45 PM-1:45 PM  Apr 10-Jun 19 $110/11 sess  317026

Tu Sa  5:45 PM-1:45 PM  Apr 06-Jun 19 $176/22 sess 317030