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Here you can check out the latest Covid-19 related updates.


Winter Programs


Registration for Winter programs is available online, in person, or by phone 604-257-8680.

Click here for the Winter Guide;



Indoor group fitness activities including yoga, martial arts, dance, and aerobics where physical distancing cannot be maintained and where people are increasing their heart rate are temporarily suspended in response to Public Health Orders. Programs that are still operating include art, music, and social programs.


A registration date may become available for the following programs if restrictions are removed:



  • Acrylic Painting
  • Bootcamp for Older Adults
  • Fun Fitness
  • Indoor Tennis Beginner
  • Indoor Tennis Intermediate
  • International Line Dance – Beginner Plus
  • International Line Dancing High Improver
  • Karate – Uechi-Ryu
  • Pickleball Lessons – Beginner Learn to Play
  • Pickleball Lessons – Beginner Skills & Drills
  • Pickleball Lessons – Intermediate Drills & Strategies
  • Pound
  • Ryukyu Kobudo – Weapons Tradition of Okinawa
  • Strong Nation
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Zumba
  • Zumba Gold (Beginner)



  • Our Licensed preschool is back as of September the 8th with the highest safety policies in place!
  • For registration or other information please contact Michelle Noel at 



  • Indoor pool- open (registration required). Outdoor pool- closed
  • Fitness center- open (registration required).
  • Ice rink- open only to permit holders.



More programs to start soon so keep tuned!


Available Facilities and Rentals

Covid-19 operating hours:


Please check here for the most updated holiday season hours;


  • Indoor pool- open. Outdoor pool- closed. Hours: M-F Noon- 7:30 pm. Sat & Sun 6:30 am- 2 pm. Registration required
  • Fitness center- open. Hours: M-F 7:30 am- 8 pm. Sat &Sun 7:30 am - 2:15 pm. Registration required
  • Ice rink- open only for organized play by permit holders only
  • Rentals- are not available at the moment

Hillcrest Community Centre is located in the Hillcrest Complex which has a Park Board operated rink, fitness centre and aquatic centre.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, corporate function, meeting or a private sports play, we have spaces to suit your needs.

Whether you want to run or play at your next party, we can work with you to plan your next birthday bash. Pool parties are operated by Park Board.

Winter Programs

The next set of winter programs is now OPEN for registration online, over the phone at 604-257-8680, and in-person!

Stay tuned for more...

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Kid Sport- Grants for children who want to play sports!

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