Dear members and Hillcrest Community Center users,



As of midnight March 29 until midnight of April 19


-          All adult (22yrs and older) indoor low-intensity group fitness classes will be suspended (e.g. fitness, yoga)

-          Additionally, any other indoor adult programs that were based on the low-intensity fitness guidelines suspended (martial arts, arts, and culture, dance)

-          Fitness centers (individual and 1-1 training), pools, and arenas will continue to operate

-          All children/youth ( 21yrs and under) programs  will continue to operate

-          Individual sports programs will continue (2 people may engage in indoor sports with one another)

-          Adult outdoor activities up to groups of 10 will continue



Spring 2021 Programs


Registration for Spring programs will be available on March 13 online, in person, or by phone at 604-257-8680.

Click here for the Spring Guide;





  • Indoor pool- open (registration required). Outdoor pool- closed
  • Fitness center- open (registration required).
  • Ice rink- open only to permit holders.



Available Facilities and Rentals

Covid-19 operating hours:


Please check here for the most updated holiday season hours;


  • Indoor pool- open. Outdoor pool- closed. Hours: M-F Noon- 7:30 pm. Sat & Sun 6:30 am- 2 pm. Registration required
  • Fitness center- open. Hours: M-F 7:30 am- 8 pm. Sat &Sun 7:30 am - 2:15 pm. Registration required
  • Ice rink- open only for organized play by permit holders only
  • Rentals- are not available at the moment

Hillcrest Community Centre is located in the Hillcrest Complex which has a Park Board operated rink, fitness centre and aquatic centre.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, corporate function, meeting or a private sports play, we have spaces to suit your needs.

Whether you want to run or play at your next party, we can work with you to plan your next birthday bash. Pool parties are operated by Park Board.

Spring Programs

Spring programs will be open for registration on March 13 online, over the phone at 604-257-8680, and in-person!



News and Events

Check out our latest news events!

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  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 2 weeks ago
    More spots available in Rhythmic Gymnastics Preparation Program with Bing Zhao for 4-6yrs and 7-12yrs starts Saturday, April 10!
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 4 weeks ago
    Registration still available for many spring programs starting Tuesday, April 6th! Register here-
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 3 weeks ago
    Cartooning with Young Rembrandts for 6-12 yrs starts Thursday, April 8 from 4-5pm! Register here-
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 7 days ago
    We still have spaces available in our Parent and Tot Tennis (4-6yrs) on Saturdays at 9:45am ~ Click here to
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 5 days ago
    Spots still available in Cartooning on Thursdays from 4-5pm! Suitable for 6-12yrs. Come get your spot today!!  #cartoon   #kids 
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 3 weeks ago
    Attention! Dear members, due to the Public Health Orders, as of March 30 until April 19, all adult indoor low
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 1 week ago
    Sportball Floor hokey for 3.5-5yrs starts Thursdays, April 22 from 2:30-3:30pm!  #floorhockey   #fun   #sports   #vancouver 
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 1 week ago
    There are still some spots available in the Uke & Me for 3-6yrs with Musical Expressions program. Date starts Saturday,
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 15 hours ago
    Exciting news..... we will be participating in the Food Bank challenge. From *May 1 to 31*, the Mayors of North
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 4 weeks ago
    Junior Hip Hop (5-7 yrs) | Vancouver Performing Stars Want to learn how to move to and groove to your
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 7 days ago
    Did you know our ice rink is open and available to the public? Public skate, figure skating, parent & toddler,
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 1 month ago
    Our Spring 2021 Programs Brochure is here!! Take a look:) P.S the brochure has summer camps too!  #spring   #community 
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 7 days ago
    Do you want to learn how to play pickleball? Or to fine-tune your skills? 19yrs + pickleball lessons open for
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 1 month ago
     #summer   #vancouver   #fun 
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 3 days ago
    Wow... look at that sunshine! Hope everyone is enjoy some time outdoors today 🙂 The following low impact adult programs
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 3 weeks ago
    NEW! Mind Moves with Masha Shcherbyna for 1.5-5yrs starts Friday, April 9! Registration -
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 2 months ago
    Registration is open for the SportMedBC 10K InTraining Program starting Wed. March 31! Registration link:  #run   #sportmedbc   #10krun   #vancouver 
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 2 weeks ago
    Journey Basketball! Check it out! Registration-
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 2 weeks ago
    Kids Yoga with Into Yoga starts Saturday, April 10 from 2-3pm!
  • by rileyparkhillcrestcc 1 week ago
    Did you know.... NEW! Badminton Courts Bookings are still available on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings? Registration opens Saturday morning

Community Partners

Elder Dog Vancouver supports older adults and their furry friends
Kid Sport- Grants for children who want to play sports!