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Young Commander Chess - Novice/Starter

Jan 10 - Mar 13, 2024
Day & Time:
Wednesday 4:00 pm to 5:20 pm
322 Arts and Crafts Room
Age Range:
6-12 yrs

Program Description

Beginner/Novice: 6-12 yrs old; anyone with limited or no knowledge of chess basicsAs a school academic in a game, playing chess and being smart are interconnected. There’s a strong correlation between chess and academic achievement including math, spatial analysis and non-verbal reasoning ability.

Joining in this Sherlock-Holmes-world of tactics and strategies, kids get trained in life-skills goal-setting checkmate.

Chess provides a mental armor, commander (leader) and self-image whereby kids can draw upon and develop a well-rounded discipline, amidst a friendly social setting where art meets science and math with fun.

Chess folder kit included.


Joe Soliven